Executive Director

Marc Manley, Executive Director of RAIN

Marc Manley is the Executive Director of RAIN overseeing management, vision and leadership. He is in charge of linking RAIN activities to strategic partners within the region and throughout the state.

In collaboration with the RAIN team and the network of people, programs and capital comprising RAIN he envisions helping to create a vibrant innovation economy in the region that’s so conducive to starting and growing companies. His mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by providing advice and acting as a mentor by connecting them with capital and resources.

Manley currently also serves as the fund manager for the Willamette Angels – and oversees/manages the Willamette Angel Conference LLC and for the newly formed W2 Fund, activating local capital to fund entrepreneurs throughout the year.

Prior to RAIN, Manley led the expansion of a Small Business development Center at Linn-Benton Community College to effectively grow larger traded sector companies. He also contributed to advancing university education through the Oregon Engineering & Technology Industry Council, and then catalyzed the revitalization of downtown Albany in a public-private partnership with the City.

Manley has helped grow companies in the private equity portfolio of an investment bank, and more recently advised dozens of local Oregon companies resulting in the creation of 300 jobs, new capital of more than $5 million, and increases in annual revenue of over $20 million.

Manley graduated from Columbia University and recently participated in Executive Education Programs at Harvard Law School.

Contact Marc Manley

Email: marc@oregonrain.org

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