Next Level

Elevate your craft by attending the Next Level business speaker series. This is your opportunity to learn from industry experts on a variety of business topics, including marketing, sales, financials, and more.

Next Level occurs weekly on Wednesday nights, September 5th through October 3rd, from 5 to 6 p.m. at the Bosque Cafe and Espresso Bar (4590, SE Harborton St, Newport, Oregon) — near the campus of Oregon Coast Community College

Although the content is tailored for entrepreneurs in the RAIN Coastal Pre Accelerator program, we believe that business owners and professionals will find the material highly valuable.

September 5th — Business Opportunities: Sectors, markets & business models

Benny Augeri - Founder, Benny's Donuts

Karl Mundorff - Director, OSU Advantage Accelerator

Every founder has a story. But if that story doesn’t resonate in the market, that business probably won’t reach its potential.

Great businesses tell stories that excite and inspire. If you can help others see your opportunity, you’ll have no problem attracting partners, investors, employees, and customers.

Join us at Next Level to learn how to tell the story of the market and get others on board with your business opportunity.


September 12th — Business Landscapes: Competition, ecosystems & resources

Thomas Blase - Founder, Blueprint, Inc.

Spender Holton - Founder, Trail Supply Co.

Hunters survey the forest. Fishermen plot their voyages. And smart entrepreneurs learn the lay of the land to ensure their company’s survival.

Thomas Blase and Spencer Holton will share their experiences of turning an idea into a company, and the importance and value of learning the landscape of your business’ ecosystem.

Join us at Next Level to learn how to evaluate competition, identify important stakeholders in your ecosystem, and profile resources; survey the landscape and plot your course to success.


September 19th — Traction I: Value props, messaging & branding

Caine O'Brien - Consultant, Crooker Consulting

Corey Wright - Venture Catalyst, Oregon RAIN

Get ready for two weeks on “traction.” Twice the time means twice the importance. Hopefully, by this time next year, you’ll have twice as many customers.

Let’s talk traction: Put simply, it’s customer adoption, and businesses need it to survive. Like air in lungs, wind in sails, and water across gills, no business will live without customer adoption.

This week at Next Level we’ll hear from Corey Wright and Caine O’Brien, who will share strategies and insights on value propositions, messaging, and branding that attracts customers.


September 26th — Traction II: Marketing, sales & financial forecasting

Brad Attig - Funding Catalyst, Oregon RAIN

Caroline Cummings - Executive Director, Oregon RAIN

In part II of “traction,” we’re getting into the Ws of your customer: who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Marketing and Sales work together to generate revenue or users. Coordinating these functions allows you to forecast your financials and make reasonably accurate assumptions about how your business could perform.

Of course, entrepreneurs will always need to be nimble and adaptable. However, putting in this work gives you a plan of action that leads to customers and revenue.

Join at Next Level for the second half of the two-week focus of Traction, and sharpen your skills in these key areas of entrepreneurship.


October 3rd — Closing the Gap: People, resources & capital

Rita Hansen - CEO, Onboard Dynamics

Just like a growing body, businesses need resources to grow. Whether it’s inventory, equipment, marketing, or new technology, a business expansion will probably require people and/or money.

In order to minimize growing pains, set your sights on a destination, and figure out what resources you need to get there. If you need outside investment, be ready to explain how an investor’s resources will help you close in on your goals.

Join us for the final week of Next Level, where we’ll talk about how to identify resources, analyze gaps, and plan for the future.


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