Building Regional Networks

Oregon RAIN is leveraging community, university and business resources to build the startup ecosystem.

Connecting Resources

Oregon RAIN provides the resources, mentoring and guidance that startups need for success.

Stimulating Economic Development

Oregon RAIN is creating opportunities for today and job’s for tomorrow by supporting a culture of innovation.

A Regional Network for Startups

“Oregon RAIN gets invited into communities who want to build a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem and build a thriving innovation economy. We are honored to serve small and rural communities in Oregon and help them think about economic development in new and exciting ways.”

–Caroline Cummings, Executive Director of Oregon RAIN

The Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network (RAIN) is an Oregon consortium of government, higher education, and the business community. RAIN was founded by the State of Oregon’s Regional Solutions network and funded by the 77th Oregon State Legislative Assembly to advance the formation of high-growth innovative startup companies throughout the South Willamette Valley and Mid-Coast. In coordination with the cities of Corvallis and Eugene, as well as communities throughout the region, RAIN is partnered with two accelerators to create a collaborative environment to assist entrepreneurs in establishing viable companies that generate jobs, wealth and opportunities for the region. RAIN Corvallis is served by the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator. The RAIN Eugene Accelerator is a partnership between the University of Oregon and the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce.

A Collaboration Connecting Resources

RAIN advances start-ups by connecting entrepreneurs with a network of available resources at Oregon State University and University of Oregon as well as through partnerships with local and state governments and the private sector.

Through education, mentors, financing assistance, business consultation services, office and lab space, and innovative programming, RAIN leverages resources throughout the region to bring entrepreneurs together with the information, connections, and resources needed for success.

“OSU and the University of Oregon have a combined 10 year track record of creating more than 45 spinout companies and 600 jobs. We think that’s just a fraction of the potential, and the RAIN initiative will ultimately have a significant impact on the Oregon economy.”

–State Senator Lee Beyer (D-Springfield) from July 9, 2013 on KVAL-TV

“Being in the RAIN Eugene Accelerator was definitely a time commitment, but I looked at it as an investment in networking and refining my knowledge. If it wasn’t for the accelerator I wouldn’t have met the mentors who helped me access talent and knowledge and financial resources. I’m now excited to be working with RAIN’s new Venture Catalyst Caroline Cummings to help me find a CEO to scale my technology startup.”

–Clarke McAllister, Founder of ADASA

“RAIN has given me new possibilities for business success. Because of RAIN, we have the contacts to expanding nationally, and potentially internationally. The opportunity to be coached and mentored by accomplished entrepreneurs has opened new channels for growth.”

–Patricia Immel, Founder of NatureSavvy


OSU Advantage Accelerator-RAIN Corvallis

The OSU Advantage Accelerator (OSUAA) operates an accelerator incubator for startup and early stage organizations. Through the OSUAA, each company has the opportunity to accelerate their success based on individual needs. The goal of the OSUAA Program is to assist in the development of new technology businesses through steady, controlled growth and the creation of local and regional jobs. Through individualized guidance each company will focus on specific milestones and achieve intended long-term goals with greater success.

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RAIN Eugene Accelerator

RAIN Eugene connects the local innovation ecosystem around the University of Oregon and the cities of Eugene and Springfield with the entrepreneurial community to create high impact, innovative, traded-sector companies that can grow and thrive in our community. RAIN Eugene is managed as a virtual nonprofit by the University of Oregon, the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Eugene.

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A Generator For Economic Development

“Our time in the RAIN Eugene Accelerator helped BT Biotech solidify our identity, taught valuable lessons about what it takes to build a startup, and made connections we will need to succeed. RAIN prepared us to transition from a company developing a concept, to a company commercializing a product.”

—Andrew Tupper, Co-Founder/CEO, BT Biotech

RAIN’s investment of time, expertise and resources offers start-ups the opportunity to grow deep roots in the South Willamette Valley and Mid-Coast that will create jobs, increase the tax base, provide education opportunities, and generate business innovation in that will spur the region’s economy for years to come in the future.

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